Ecosystème des déploiements d'enseignes et de concepts
By Nicolas Veslin

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NV • Welcome to the world of deployments. But who does what ?

Are you a student, junior project manager or experienced executive but in charge of a concept deployment project for the first time? Do you want to understand who does what and save time?

In this article, we offer a quick overview of the different actors in a concept deployment. You will be able to structure your thinking and better project yourself into the adventure that opens up before you. Welcome to the world of rebrandings, designers and other manufacturers …


. The sale network head (la Tête de réseau) : is the Project Owner. The sale network head is the parent company whose points of sale are franchises or integrated stores which belong to the sale network head.

The brand designer or the communications agency: creates the new logo and the new visual identity.

. The space designer (brand designer or interior architect): creates the new space design or concept.

The Design Office (le Bureau d’études) : continues the work of the brand designer and translates design into objects. He defines the technical specifications and draws the 2D and 3D design plans. He helps the sale network head to prepare the technical documents for the call for tenders.

NV • IMEI is a Design Office.

We support you in preparing your call for tenders, rationalizing product costs and minimizing their environmental impact. Our engineers have up to 20 years of experience and effective methods of ecodesign, function analysis and Design To Cost.

. The Project Owner Support (Assistant à Maitrise d’Ouvrage): is an expert in concept and visual identity deployments. Project Owner Support’s services are varied. They depend on the needs of the sale network head, there is no typical mission. A Project Owner Support can intervene throughout the project. His experience and independence make him a precious ally.

NVIMEI is a Project Owner Support.

Whether it is to guide you through the twists and turns of the administration to obtain the necessary authorizations, to control the quotes site by site or even to assist you in site receptions, an experienced Project Owner Support saves you time and money. Spending a few thousand euros can save you hundreds of thousands! Speaking from experience.

In addition, through its IMEI Services Cloud® brand, IMEI develops project management softwares and mobile applications to help you monitor and manage your project. Information management is one of the keys to the success of an effective concept deployment or maintenance management.

. Administrative authorities (mairies, préfectures) : they issue an authorization which is different depending on the nature of the work, the nature of the building (classified or not), the location of the store (protected area or not).

. The Project Manager (Maitre d’œuvre) : is the company in charge of the physical realization of the deployment.

In France, we separate the implementation tasks into two notions : the ” Maîtrise d’œuvre de conception” and ” the Maîtrise d’œuvre d’exécution”.

The first can be translate by Preliminary Project Management. The Project Manager adapts the concept at each point of sale in compliance with the guidelines created by the brand designer or the space designer. He draws the plans named “Avant-Projet Sommaire ” (APS) to be validated by the sale network head. He finally completes the administrative files in order to obtain the necessary authorizations.

The second notion of “Maîtrise d’œuvre d’exécution” can be translate by Works supervision. The project manager plans and monitors the installation work until it is received without reservation.

NVIMEI is a Project Manager.

The Project Manager turns dreams into reality. In project management, you need expertise in visual merchandising and / or interior architecture to properly apply the concept site by site. You have to know how to put yourself in the place of the end customer. The watchword is Customer Experience. The Project Manager must take into account the external environment of the sale point, the road axes, the external flows and the angles of visibility.

Then, in Works Supervision phase, the analysis of the architecture of the store, the internal flows, the territorial, administrative and social particularities of the place, or even the needs related to the commercial team make that the declination of the concept site by site cannot be a copy / paste of the standard plan.

. The Sign Manufacturer (l’enseigniste) : manufactures signs, point-of-purchase signs, digital display media (or dynamic display), etc. There are more than 475 sign manufacturers in France (source e-visions, national union of Signs and Signage, May 2020). For mass deployments, some manufacturers have become real industrialists with significant production capacities. In very many cases of mass deployments, the network head asks the manufacturer to take charge of the installations.

. The installer (le poseur) : is a company specialized in installation and maintenance of signs.

. The shopfitter (l’agenceur) : is responsible of interior works.

. The General Contractor (le Contractant général) : offers a turnkey service including project management and works. Sale network heads ask for a general contractor to roll out their interior concepts.

NVIMEI is a General Constractor.

Whether it involves rolling out a new store concept, a click and collect concept or coworking spaces, IMEI supports you and offers you a turnkey service.

. Regional managers of the network (le Responsable régional) : can play a role depending on the organization of a network. Sometimes they are the ones who validate the preliminary projects.

. Store managers (le Responsable de magasin) : participate in the process, depending on the organization of the network, whether they are franchises or integrated stores, and according to the prerogatives that are assigned to each. In some cases, they will validate the preliminary project. In other cases, they will simply certify the passage of the installer or the shopfitter.

NVHave you a clearer picture of the situation ?

Great. This overview draws a map that helps you structure your thinking. To deepen your knowledge, feel free to call us. We will organize training.

See you soon.

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