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Our news Design:

Plan de conception. Descriptions techniques.

How to write the technical specifications of signs before launching a call for tenders?

To buy well, you have to be able to compare offers. For that you must communicate to the companies which answer your call for tenders, a precise technical description of your needs.

Our news Implementation :

How to organize an effective Maintenance of your chain points of sale?

How to organize the maintenance of your network sign?
Processes, contracts, logistics, management tools, advice and experience sharing … We give you all the Answers.

Our news Project:

Comment et pourquoi faire une analyse de risques lors d’un projet de déploiement de concept?

How to carry out a risk analysis during a concept or visual identity deployment project ?

The formalization of a risk analysis at the beginning of a project and then its follow-up is an easy tool to implement. It is also much more powerful than it seems at first glance.
Theory and experience sharing. We tell you everything.

Our news World of Sign and Concepts:

Ecosystème des déploiements d'enseignes et de concepts

The french business ecosystem of concept deployments or who are the stakeholders of a deployment?

A quick overview of the different actors in a concept deployment. Do you want to understand who does what and save time? Welcome to the world of rebrandings, designers and other sign manufacturers.

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Creation of L’Université IMEI and Articles

Sharing our experience and knowledge is what we propose now through articles that we are posting on the IMEI website and on Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

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