Sign maker – General Manager or Commercial Director

You are General Manager or Commercial Director.

As part of a rebranding or concept deployment, you are very often in charge of both manufacturing and installing concept objects.

You want to differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering your customers additional services with high added value.

You need an experienced Project Manager capable of managing projects worth several million euros and responding to the professionalization of project teams at the head of the network.
You also need to manage the works and installations of the objects of the concept with mastery and reactivity.

Don’t you have all the skills in-house or don’t have enough resources?
IMEI supports you


For complex projects, we provide additional added value through high added value design methods.

• Objective Cost Design
• Prototyping
• Development


Drawing on our experience, we provide assistance to your Commercial and Operational departments in responding to calls for tenders, in the organization and management of your project, and in Quality management.
Furthermore, and because the brakes on the success of a project are often human, we bring you our Change Management skills to mobilize the client’s teams and unlock locks.

• Assistance in writing offers
• Supply Chain Management
• Purchasing assistance
• Project management
• Development of IT tools for project management and mobile applications
• Change management
• Quality Management on project and work management services

Subject mastery

Insurance agencies, shop fronts, boutiques, service stations, supermarkets, etc.
Automotive, Retail, Bank-Insurance, Retail, Transport,…
The multiplicity of projects and sectors of activity on which we work is a strength and as many opportunities to enrich our skills.

• Project management (surveys, surveys, declination of the concept by APS / APD preliminary projects, Execution plans, administrative authorizations)

• Project management (planning, execution of works, assistance with reception operations)

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