Network from 100 to 3,000 POS – Works director

You are Director of Operations, Works, Commercial Real Estate, Maintenance, Facility Management.

In charge of implementing a project for the deployment or maintenance of signs, equipment, or a marketing concept at the sale points in your network, you must manage the works and fittings.

You need to master the implementation and the good progress of the project, manage the Quality, manage information and communication, pilot interventions.
You also need responsiveness and control in carrying out the work.

In particular, you must:
• Define the technical specifications of the concept (signs, POP signs, furniture, equipment) on the basis of the work carried out by the designer
• Manage an invitation to tender and choose the companies (manufacturers and shopfitters)
• Organize the project (objectives, definition of the team, interactions with other departments, financial means, planning, logistics)
• Pilot and coordinate interventions
• Ensure communication, to the network and to your management, on the progress of the project
• Explain and make the new concept accepted by the network (regional managers, POS managers, agency staff, unions)

Don’t you have all the skills in-house or don’t have enough resources?
IMEI supports you


Missing link between designer and manufacturer, we assist you in the design of signs, POS, and equipment to prepare your invitation to tender in perfect independence.

• Design method at objective cost
• Technical specifications of products
• 3D design, execution plans
• Drafting of Specifications
• Physical prototyping or augmented reality
• Development and validation of manufacturers’ technical solutions


Acting as Assistant to the Contracting Authority, we provide technical assistance to the Purchasing and Operational departments in the organization and management of your project.
Furthermore, and because the brakes on the success of a project are often human, we bring you our Change Management skills to mobilize your teams and unlock locks.

• Assistance in writing and organizing your Tenders
• Technical and economic analysis of offers and creation of decision support tools
• Budgeting
• Definition of workflows
• General planning
• Definition of key monitoring indicators
• Definition of the operational and financial Dashboard
• Supply Chain Management
• Project management
• Development of IT tools for project management and mobile applications
• Validation of quotes
• Quality management
• Change management


We act as prime contractor or general contractor.
Insurance agencies, shop fronts, boutiques, service stations, supermarkets, etc.
Automotive, Retail, Bank-Insurance, Retail, Transport,…
The multiplicity of projects and sectors of activity on which we work is a strength and as many opportunities to enrich our skills.

• Project management (surveys, declination of the concept by preliminary APS / APD projects, implementation plans, administrative authorizations)

• Project management (planning, execution of works, Support in the acceptance of works)

• Multisite and multitechnical maintenance (24/7 requests, qualification of requests, intervention management, reporting, failure analysis)

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